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National Poetry Month #9

April 11th, 2012 by karli

This one needs a little explanation… anyone who has known me long has probably heard this poem. In fourth grade, I won the George Washington Poetry Contest that was sponsored by the Klamath Falls chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I got my poem and my picture published in the paper. And for some reason, I have NEVER forgotten the poem. Ever. It’s one of those many things that takes up otherwise valuable realty in my brain. So, for your reading pleasure…

George Washington

Washington cut the cherry tree down
That’s the legend they say
He did things for our country
In every possible way

His mouth had dentures made of wood
He could not go to school
But he always was a gentleman
That was his golden rule

He dreamed of being a sailor
The captain of his boat
But when he reached the age fifteen
His dream did not still float

He was made to be a general
Of an army all his own
George even carried messages
A long long way from home

He was married at Mt Vernon
To the widow, Martha Custis
She took very good care of George
While he fought for justice

And then one day in April
It was a day just filled with fun
We got our very first president
His name… George Washington!

National Poetry Month #8

April 11th, 2012 by karli

Life is a Song

Life is a song
Playing soft, sweet
It is soothing and joyous
But with a simple chord change
it becomes dark
and dismal
Only to resolve again
into a beautiful
resonate sound
We can improvise
to make it what we want,
and what we get
depends on what we give
Yes, Life is a Song – and
we are the singers

National Poetry Month #7

April 11th, 2012 by karli

Never Forget

I will never forget the times that we’ve shared
Our long walks, our long talks, our many adventures…

The world was ours to hold,
And embrace it we did
We  had the innocence and jubilation of childhood and we
carried it with us every day

Round and round on the tire swing we’d go
Until we were dizzy and sick, and our feet wore paths in the grass

Or perhaps we’d start our won detective biz
And save the world from any pressing mysteries
And then we would run outside and
Entertain passing cars with a song and dance
Countless stuffed animal circuses and miniature carnivals
were staged in my room
And they were fun, even if our parents were the only ones
to attend

I will never forget the times that we’ve shared
I will miss the lemonade stands and the garage sales and
the lazy summer days when all we cared about was
ourselves and each other
I will miss the laughing and giggling for hours on end

But most of all I will miss you,
Because it was you who made those times so special, and
you who taught me how to be a friend
It is you that I love, and it is you that I will never, ever

National Poetry Month #6

April 11th, 2012 by karli

Delicious Friendship

For a deliciously irresistible

Start with a heap of kindness
Add to it a dollop of trust and
a pinch of fun.
Stir together with a mound of
unconditional love,
And you’ll have a wonderful
friendship to last a lifetime!!

National Poetry Month #5

April 11th, 2012 by karli


Karli Jo (
Small, Cheerful, Funny,
Sister of Cody
Lover of music, theater
and friends
Who feels love for friends,
happiness when taking
nervous when performing
Who needs God, family
and friends
Who gives smiles, advice
and funny stories
Who fears growing up,
going away, and
Who would like to see her
friends happy
Who lives in a brown and
tan house on Leroy Street
) Bryan

National Poetry Month #4

April 11th, 2012 by karli

(circa 1997)

You’re leaving – I know it, but what can I do?
You’re hard to replace, I can’t find someone new
There’s a feeling inside me that’s empty and void
I’m sad when I need to be overjoyed

Now is a wonderful moment in time
You can reach all the stars, it is your time to shine
You know I’d be happy for you if I could
But sometimes it’s hard to do what I should

You were the one who was always there
Your smile would tell me just how much you care
You were my mentor, my friend, my big brother and such
But you’re leaving now and I’ll miss you so much

“Nothing can be forever,” the say
“He’ll be back now and then, he is not far away,”
I know this is true, that it’s not a big deal
But the heartache inside me is still oh, so real

For it was you whom I came to with issues and doubts
It was you who helped to work everything out
My big brother, you are, you’re my special friend
It’s hard for me when times like this end

I know you’ll still be there any time that I call
To show me your smile or pick me up from a fall
And whenever I need some good sound advice
I’ll know whom to call, I won’t have to think twice

I just want you to know what an impact you’ve had
These last couple of years, and that’s why I’m sad
You’ve changed all our lives for the better, you know
And we’re all gonna have a ┬áhard time letting go

So remember to think of all of us here
The memories of friends are so precious and dear
And know that you’ll always be here in our minds
Because you, my friend, you’re a one-of-a-kind

National Poetry Month #3

April 11th, 2012 by karli

Best of Friends Forever

We played
the day
best of friends
to save the world from
anything and
watching the days pass
us by,
best friends forever.